What Does The Yellow Padlock Mean On Reddit?

What Does The Yellow Padlock Mean On Reddit?

Have you been wondering what the yellow padlock icon that appears next to a username on Reddit means?

Reddit has a lot of features, and more of them seem to be coming out with every app update.

Most of these features happen to be self-explanatory, but a good number of others are not.

For example, the yellow padlock next to a username on Reddit seems to be everywhere these days.

Even if you are new to Reddit, you must have seen the padlock once or more than once, and you might have wondered what it meant at some point.

In this guide, you will learn what the yellow padlock icon that appears next to a username on Reddit means.

What Does the Yellow Padlock Mean on Reddit?

The yellow (gold to some people) padlock on Reddit means a post is locked.

To further explain, it means that nobody can make new comments on the post, but it will still be visible to other users.

This lock can only be activated by the moderator of the subreddit, as long as they do not want any more comments on the post.

This is to say that the yellow padlock on Reddit can only be seen in subreddits, and is put there by the mods and not the author of the post.

When your post on a subreddit gets locked, it is best not to delete as posts like this never disappear from Reddit, they only get marked “Deleted”.

If you want the padlock removed, you can always contact the moderators of the subreddit with a strong reason and they might decide to remove it.


And that is all there is to know for now about what the yellow or gold padlock means on a post on Reddit.

We will keep updating this post if we hear about any other news about the yellow padlock on Reddit.

In summary, it is a feature for locking a post on a subreddit from getting more comments, and it is only available to the moderators of that sub.

And if you want it removed, contacting any of the mods on a subreddit is usually the best way to go about it and not deleting the post.

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